At this stage in a woman’s life many natural changes happen. It's a wonderful and exciting time, but can be worrying as well. Physical and emotional changes, like nausea, pain, bleeding can interfere with the enjoyment of being pregnant. Acupuncture works with the woman’s body and is a very safe, effective and supportive medicine during pregnancy. The following conditions are, in my opinion very responsive to acupuncture:

Morning Sickness and tiredness

Back pain and Pelvic Pain

Breech presentation with moxibastion:

The herb “moxa” (Artemisia vulgaris) is used to stimulate a particular acupuncture point on the little toe. It is a non-invasive treatment that is demonstrated during one session at the clinic and then continued at home for another 7-10 days. Best gestational time for treatment: week 33-36.

Pre-birth treatments:

Pre-birth treatments involves a series of two to four treatments weekly from 36 or 38 weeks to prepare for labour. This is particularly important for women, who might need induction treatments, as they tend to have longer gestation.

Induction of labour:

Acupuncture is used at the end of the pregnancy to help the body start labour. 1-2 treatments might be necessary.